What is Energy Healing?

By: Lisa Rooney

What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is a holistic practice that focuses on removing energetic blocks that form in and around the body’s energy centers, also referred to as Chakras. When blockages occur, one’s vital force or energy flow through the body is disrupted.  Blocked energy can result in chronic pain syndromes, emotional imbalance, mental struggles and other dis-ease.

What you should know about Energy Healing:

  1. Energy healing has been around for thousands of years.

Ancient cultures have been using different forms of energy healing for thousands of years.  Whether Acupuncture, Qigong, Tai Chi, Reiki, Chakra balancing, EFT Tapping, or Healing Touch, there are many ways to heal the vital force. These different modalities stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal and harness the power of your internal energy.

  1. Energy healing is based on scientific principles and backed by research:

As of July 2019, over 100 research studies, 5 meta-analysis and 12 review articles have been published on energy healing methods in peer reviewed journals.  Over fifty randomized controlled trials have documented efficacy for these methods.

  1. Anyone can benefit from energy healing:

I once read that you don’t need to understand the laws of gravity before you fall down. Similarity, you don’t need to fully understand energy healing to benefit from it. Any time is a good time to visit an energy healer, but especially in today’s times when most of us are feeling anxious, stressed and physically and emotionally drained, energy healing can help you feel more relaxed and balanced.

How can Energy Healing help you?

  • Physically, it can help expedite recovery, decrease or eliminate pain, promote balance, and prevent illness.
  • Mentally, energy healing can help you gain deeper clarity and overcome mental blocks.
  • Emotionally, it improves resilience by helping you release past traumas and center yourself.
  • Spiritually, energy healing reconnects you to intuition, purpose, and presence.

Removing blockages and stimulating the flow of energy allows the body to restore health and promote healing. It is a powerful therapy that helps you connect to your inner life force and vibrancy, making it available to shift physical, emotional, and mental dysfunction to health and well-being.

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