I met Dr. Lauren Millman a year ago at a fest at Suwanee Town Center. I had been under chiropractic care before but nothing had helped for my constant back pain; pain that I had finally learned to start tolerating after over a decade of dealing with it. Dr. Lauren explained that Upper Cervical Chiropractic care was different from the other care I had received. I went in for my initial consultation and x-rays and shortly after had my first session. I will admit, I was a complete skeptic – I mean, a chiropractic adjustment that didn’t involve hearing/feeling my spine and neck crack constantly?!? However, I decided that since nothing prior had worked I would give it a shot for at least six months. I should mention that I had gotten into doing races (5ks, half and full marathons) just after turning 30, but I always had to walk more than run them due to my back pain and also knee pain.

Well, in just one month of Dr. Lauren’s care, I noticed a huge difference. I actually RAN and entire 5k without stopping!!!! I had not done this since high school. I also noticed I was sleeping better and not wanting to take Advil for my back pain.

Fast forward to a year later: I have completed multiple 5Ks, half marathons, and two full marathons. Not only has my time improved, but I no longer wearing knee braces or pop Advil before races. My posture overall has improved. I’ve been sick less this year than I have in many years – even my allergies are staying at bay more this year (and that’s with a pollen count of over 6000 the other day). Upper Cervial Chiropractic care has changed my life!

Thank you Dr. Lauren for helping me on this road to becoming an even more fabulous me! Oh and I give full permission for my x-rays to be posted. The difference in just six months was completely amazing!! (just ignore the fact that I forgot to remove my stud earrings the first time)

For over five years I had been seeing a traditional chiropractor. Even though my original complaint had improved, I was still experiencing frequent headaches and what felt like pinched nerves in my neck. I would go every week once or even twice to try and get relief. I thought this was my “normal”. If I didn’t feel ok, I was being told I should just come back and get adjusted again. I always felt better after the adjustment, but after a few hours I was back to feeling bad again and couldn’t wait to get another appointment. After talking to a few of my neighbors about chiropractic care, they convinced me to switch to Dr. Millman. They had been seeing her for about a year and just raved about what she had done for them. I have to admit, for the first few visits I was thinking how could upper cervical care be benefitting me? Dr. Millman wasn’t “popping” my neck and spine. All she was doing was lightly massaging my neck. How could this align my whole spine? Much to my surprise over the next weeks I was noticing that I wasn’t feeling like I needed to get adjusted every few days. I felt great and was holding my adjustments. I was having fewer headaches and my neck wasn’t hurting anymore. I now have been seeing Dr. Millman for six months. I feel fantastic and I have not had a headache in months. Her method is so gentle to the body. It actually allows the body time to heal itself since she isn’t constantly twisting and “popping” the spine this way and that. I have been blessed by her knowledge and expertise.

I’ve used chiropractic care since I was in an auto accident when I was 18. Although I’ve gotten some relief from the continued care over the years, I never got completely “well”. This was made even more apparent when I was in another accident earlier this year. I sought immediate chiropractic care with a very large “traditional” chiropractic clinic, which helped to relieve the immediate pain, however I felt worn out, was still sore, and had consistent headaches and migraines to the point that i could not make it through a full day of work without taking an unhealthy amount of pain medications — even after the 2 month treatment plan ended. Frustrated, I decided it was time to look for something different. I’ve been under Dr. Millman’s care since May and have seen a dramatic change in not only my immediate discomfort but also my longer term symptoms. I will fully admit that I was a little apprehensive of upper cervical chiropractics at first. After all, I was very use to the standard “snap, crackle, pop” of traditional chiropractics. How could very minimal adjustments to one area of the spine be effective? I can say with confidence that after 3 months of care, my mid to lower back pain that I’ve had for years has reduced by 60%, the number of headaches I’m having is down to about 2 to 3 minor ones per week, migraines have gone down to 1 to 2 per month (instead of 2 or more a week), my chronic fatigue is nearly completely gone. Amazing of all, I just “feel” better than I have for years, to the point that I finally realized that it was finally time for me to move on from a job that I’ve been thinking about leaving but just didn’t have that “umph” to do it. You don’t realize how bad you feel and how much that affects every aspect of your life until you start to feel better. Thank you, Dr Millman, for not only showing me how badly I was feeling, but for finally helping me do something about it.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Millman for about one year now and can definitely say that my overall health and well-being have improved significantly. I first came to Dr. Millman for help with ongoing migraine headaches. After the first initial exam and x-rays, she developed a plan to help relieve the headaches I was constantly having, and allow my body to heal from its improper alignment that was causing them. After the first couple of months, I began to see my headaches greatly reduce. I went from taking ibuprofen practically every day to almost never!
I always leave Suwanee Spine & Wellness feeling ‘reset’ for my week and will continue to make this part of my lifestyle even though the migraines are gone. I am so happy to have found Dr. Millman! She is really concerned with improving her patients’ overall health and not just giving a “quick fix” to the problem area. I would highly recommend visiting her!

Suwanee Spine is amazing! My entire family is benefiting from Dr. Lauren’s unique chiropractic technique. She is passionate about overall health and wellness. She is fantastic in explaining that all issues stem from the upper cervical being out of alignment. Once that is aligned, everything else falls into place. After being cracked for many years, I love her gentle approach. She also does not require you to come in two times a week for the rest of your life. Her staff is attentive and informative, and Rita, her massage therapist is fabulous. I encourage anyone with neck or back issues to see Dr. Lauren for a happier and healthier life.

I had pain in my neck for well over a decade. I spent one month with Dr. Lauren, and she completely relieved the pain! Her care and professionalism were unquestionable, and I left not only feeling better, but with a deeper understanding of what’s going on and how I can take better care of myself. She’s simply fantastic. Stop by for a visit! You’ll be glad you did!

I decided to give Dr. Lauren’s Wellness Center a try when the discomfort in my upper back and neck began to impair my daily life. I had previously tried to ease the pain with traditional chiropractors and even by visiting a hospital spine center, neither of which yielded any relief and only elevated my frustration. Dr. Lauren banished my skepticism with one Upper Cervical adjustment. After being totally consumed by continuous back and neck discomfort for more than a year, I left her office from my first visit pain-free. I’ve been amazed with my results and would highly recommend Dr. Lauren’s Suwanee Spine and Wellness Center. It has changed my quality of life.

In May 2015 I started receiving treatment at Suwanee Spine and the results have been miraculous. Almost immediately (after 2 adjustments) I noticed that the involuntary contractions of the fingers on my hands had completely cleared up. I had this ailment for years and my primary care doctor could not fix the problem. In the ensuing 8 weeks I noticed that many life long ailments (lower back pain, neck pain etc) were gone or vastly improved and that my body was in the process of healing. Even my mood was much better. Again, this was after years of seeing many other doctors with no success. I now feel so good after the adjustments, at age 63, last week I bought a Mountain bicycle and my overall quality of life has vastly improved. Like some people, I was somewhat skeptical that the upper cervical treatment would work but it has been a God send. It makes sense that a healthy nervous system makes for a happy, healthy person and body. I should add that the treatment is entirely painless.. I am very thankful that I met Dr. Millman and decided to start treatment. I have talked to other patients and, like me, they are believers in Suwanee Spine. Jim Gilmore, retired Government Auditor/Investigator