New Patient Center

Whether you are in the middle of a health crisis or you want to optimize your good health, we’ll meet you where you are and take you where you want to go.  We are here to help you become the best version of you.


If you are new to our office, we welcome you to schedule a 15-minute complimentary consultation with the doctor.  This will allow you to meet us and tour our office.

You and a guest are also invited to attend our Orientation Class to gain a better understanding of our technique and the healing process.  Classes are held bi-monthly.  Contact us at [email protected] for dates and times.  Space is limited, reservations are required.

What To Expect

Your First Visit

If you haven’t visited us before, please print and complete the paperwork before your scheduled
appointment time.  This will allow the doctor to spend more focused time with you reviewing your health history.  In addition to your paperwork, please bring with you any x-ray or MRI reports you may have.

Your first visit is focused on getting to know you and gathering the necessary data. Combined with a thorough consultation with Dr. Millman, structural and postural diagnostic assessments will determine how much structural stress is present.  This assessment measures the three-dimensional postural misalignment and is only practiced by QSM3 credentialed practitioners.  This three-dimensional measurement is important in determining how much stress your body has to compensate for.  Based on the data obtained from your examination, we are able to provide a specific spinal correction, if needed. X-rays are not acquired on site. If x-rays are necessary, we will provide you with an appropriate referral before any procedure is performed.

Your Second Visit

It is recommended that you receive a follow up visit within 24-48 hours from your first visit.  This is important in evaluating how your body responded to the spinal correction.  Once the doctor has seen how you responded, the doctor will make the appropriate recommendations for the best plan of action for your care.

Orientation Class

Within the first few weeks of care, all new patients are highly encouraged to attend a New Patient Orientation class.  The class is held bi-monthly.  The class lasts approximately one hour.  Family or friends who will support you during your healing journey are encouraged to attend with you.  Email [email protected] to reserve your seat.

Payment Options

Many individuals do not have insurance policies that effectively cover the care needed for their healing. Therefore we offer both short and long term payment options.  We offer prepayment as well as installment payment options to help you budget your unique healing program.  Special family and pediatric pricing is available.


We do not have contractual obligations or contracts with any insurance company.  In other words, if you have out-of-network chiropractic benefits, you may be eligible to receive reimbursement for services rendered, based on your specific policy.  We do not submit claims to any insurance company; however, we are happy to provide you the necessary statements and/or receipts so that you can submit an insurance claim to your insurance carrier.  Should your insurance policy include chiropractic benefits, reimbursement for services paid would then be sent directly to you.  If you need assistance verifying your out-of-network benefits, we are happy to assist you.  Eliminating any obligations to insurance companies allows us to keep our fees affordable, in addition to focusing solely on your healing.