Daily Little Traumas:
How to Handle Emotional Overwhelm

By: Lisa Rooney

It’s a weird time right now.  With the events of 2020 and the uncertainty of 2021, we need extra tools in our toolbox to handle things.  If you are pretty balanced or not generally affected by the changing times, then count your blessings.

Many are struggling with overwhelm, anxiety, depression and grief.

There is evidence enough now that there is an emotional component to many of the diseases suffered today.  In fact, there is an entire body of research that looks at early childhood trauma and its impact on disease or chronic illness later in life.

Add in a pandemic, lockdowns, schools out of session, businesses closing, jobs being lost and a complete shift in the way we interact with others, it’s no wonder so many feel raw and vulnerable.
Allow me to introduce you to Energy Healing at Suwanee Spine and Healing Center.

Emotions can get locked in our body if they are not properly addressed. An example of a stuck emotion can be when someone loses a loved one and years later still experiences the grief as if it happened only recently. This is major trauma and talk therapy can help but if that emotion is locked in the body, the person will eventually hit a plateau and be unable to fully resolve the grief.  A healing session will determine where that emotion is stuck and then help to release it.

But let’s say that you haven’t had a major trauma. Instead, you experience “daily little traumas” such as a toxic co-worker, constant negativity on social media and in the news, upset children who are schooling online and away from their friends, or just simply miss the normalcy we used to know. These “daily little traumas” are leaving us feeling overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, raw and vulnerable. Energy healing helps to remove these blocks, balance your system, and raise your vibration so the traumas don’t stick.

If you are experiencing overwhelm, anxiety, depression or other emotional upset, call us to schedule a Healing session today.