Healing Happens Here

Healing Happens Here

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Healthy Changes Everything

Healthy Changes Everything

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We Believe in Healing Transformations

We Believe in
Healing Transformations

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It is possible you can live a vibrant life

It is possible you can
live a vibrant life

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We are a refreshing difference

It is our mission at Suwanee Spine and Healing Center to jumpstart your healing, effectively and efficiently, and then provide you the resources to continue that healing momentum. Our goal is to provide the most attainable, effective, measurable, and foundational body balance and alignment achievable. We aim to provide a genuinely caring, knowledgeable, and goal-driven atmosphere during your healing time.

We operate on the philosophy that our bodies have the ability to heal themselves with proper care.

It is our experience that a less stressed, optimally functioning physical body works and heals better.

We specialize in enhancing connection, communication and balance within your body. We’re refreshingly different from your average chiropractic office. We provide a gentle alignment to bring your body back into a balanced state. We understand that a balanced body is one that is best able to express itself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Suwanee Spine and Healing Center - Chiropractic Difference

Understanding Healing

Few practitioners and doctors discuss what healing really looks like.  The majority of the time, healing is not a linear line or a straight path.  Many times healing can be a bumpy ride if you don’t know what to expect.  We are your healing advocate.  We want you informed throughout the process so you gain the best results.  The true path to healing lies in empowering your body to heal itself, not in covering up your symptoms.

If you are looking for something different, yet very effective, you’ve come to the right placeBut don’t take our word for it.

What can I expect from achieving better body balance and alignment?

  • Healing Efficiency
  • Performance Efficiency
  • Body Awareness
  • Mental & Emotional Clarity


The Suwanee Spine Difference

  • New Approach

    We understand the conventional, western approach to pain management and treatment and where it falls short in long term care and healing. We fill that void and offer you a new approach.

  • We Are Your Healing Advocate

    We take our time to inform you about your health and any areas where we can help. If we can help you, we’ll explain how.  If we can’t, we’ll work to get you to someone who can.

  • Individualized Care

    Our care programs are customized based on the needs of each individual.

  • Options to Fit Your Budget

    We provide short and long term payment options to fit your budget. We offer prepayment or installment payments to assist you in budgeting for your healing program.

  • We Strive to Be Transparent

    All fees and program options are discussed up front and explained in detail to eliminate any surprises.

  • Family-Oriented Wellness Center

    We provide care for the whole family. We offer special family plan options to make it easier for the entire family to heal together.

  • Holistic Health

    We believe your physical health isn’t separate from your mental and emotional health and well-being. We understand we are addressing you as a whole individual and our results reflect that.

  • Happy, Healthy, Vibrant

    We believe you are capable of being happy, healthy, vibrant, and spiritually connected.

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What others say about us

I had pain in my neck for well over a decade. I spent one month with Dr. Lauren, and she completely relieved the pain! Her care and professionalism were unquestionable, and I left not only feeling better but with a deeper understanding of what’s going on and how I can take better care of myself. She’s simply fantastic. Stop by for a visit! You’ll be glad you did!

Suwanee Spine is amazing! My entire family is benefiting from Dr. Lauren’s unique chiropractic technique. She is passionate about overall health and wellness. She is fantastic in explaining that all issues stem from the upper cervical being out of alignment. Once that is aligned, everything else falls into place. After being cracked for many years, I love her gentle approach. She also does not require you to come in two times a week for the rest of your life. Her staff is attentive and informative, and Rita, her massage therapist is fabulous. I encourage anyone with neck or back issues to see Dr. Lauren for a happier and healthier life

I decided to give Dr. Lauren’s Wellness Center a try when the discomfort in my upper back and neck began to impair my daily life. I had previously tried to ease the pain with traditional chiropractors and even by visiting a hospital spine center, neither of which yielded any relief and only elevated my frustration. Dr. Lauren banished my skepticism with one Upper Cervical adjustment. After being totally consumed by continuous back and neck discomfort for more than a year, I left her office from my first visit pain-free. I’ve been amazed at my results and would highly recommend Dr. Lauren’s Suwanee Spine and Wellness Center. It has changed my quality of life.